Why MiQ

Our approach to finance is unique: holistic advice under a collaborative framework that helps us work with other professionals on your team.

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Grounded in Expertise.
Guided by Collaboration.

Your MiQ adviser sits at the centre of your finances: helping you make informed decisions, liaising with other professionals like accountants and lawyers, and supporting your long-term financial objectives. 

Make the Change

Traditional Advisories vs MiQ Advisories

Each adviser has generalised financial knowledge, ideal for average-income, low-complexity matters.

Each adviser has deep knowledge in a particular area, collaborating with other internal specialists as needed.

Advice is narrowly focused on each client request, such as finding life insurance or setting up an SMSF.

Advice is holistic, provided in the context of your broader financial situation to deliver optimal results.

Billable-hour and other individualised KPIs mean advisers stay focused on their own clients.

A silo-free culture promotes open knowledge-sharing and collaboration, leading to more effective advice.

Advisers work in isolation; any advice from third parties is outside the scope of their services.

Advisers liaise with other professionals like solicitors and accountants, ensuring all advice aligns with their clients’ long-term goals.

Some advisories have narrow approved product lists (APLs) and lending panels with just a few different providers, giving their clients limited options.

MiQ deliberately cultivates product diversity, with a broad APL, extensive lending panel, and access to hybrid IPOs and iQ Ploutos.

Some advisories have a bias towards specific asset classes, leading to recommendations that may be one-dimensional.

MiQ has internal specialists from different fields, ensuring that no single asset class is prioritised.

Advisers set short-term goals based on what clients ask for at specific times, which may conflict with the long-term situations those clients want to be in.

Advisers work backward from their clients’ long-term objectives; all advice is in service of those desired outcomes.

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What Makes Us Leading Wealth Advisers?

There’s a reason more than 15,000 clients trust us to manage their wealth. 

Become an MiQ Adviser

Our people have the same touchstones as we do: a commitment to deep expertise, and an open, collaborative mindset that enables exceptional client results.


Sustainable Strategies, Designed for Tomorrow

Traditional financial advice looks at each aspect of your financial world in isolation. 

Holistic advice does the opposite. 

Your adviser will help you identify what you want your ideal lifestyle to look like in the future. 

Then they’ll draft a full-spectrum financial strategy that incorporates wealth creation, cash flow advice, estate planning, and wealth protection into a single, goal-oriented approach. 

Nothing gets overlooked. 

Nothing is redundant.    

Everything is synchronous. 

Holistic advice isn’t unique to MiQ, but our collaborative framework magnifies its impact. 

By coordinating with other professionals on your team, like succession lawyers and tax specialists, we make sure that every action you take is a step towards your ideal tomorrow – whatever that looks like.


Your Trusted Sounding Board

As your wealth grows, it becomes harder to manage. 

You need accountants to oversee your cash flow. 

Specialists to reduce your tax burden. 

Solicitors to set up your estate planning. 

Advisers to guide your investments. 

Brokers to source the right loans. 

Contextualising that advice, and ensuring it all aligns with your long-term goals, can be difficult. 

That’s why we act as the nexus of your financial world – a trusted sounding board that clarifies and organises separate streams of advice. 

And, if you need specialised representation for complex matters, we can even liaise with other providers on your behalf. 

Asset Choice

A Diverse Portfolio, Lower Risk

Strategic asset allocation – the mix of different classes in a portfolio – is the primary driver of good investment outcomes. 

But some investment advice prioritises a single asset class, such as positioning real estate as the best way to build wealth. 

We don’t believe that any single asset class is a silver bullet. 

Instead, our approach is deliberately asset-agnostic: 

Each portfolio is constructed to balance risk, reward and cost in line with your objectives, with an asset mix that reflects your unique position. 

That leads to a more resilient strategy – one that can outperform short-term trends and build your wealth sustainably. 


A Culture of Transparency

Financial advisers and brokers can only receive commissions on life insurance products and loans. 

That doesn’t mean, though, that every recommendation is unbiased. 

Some advisories only offer investment and insurance products sold by a handful of companies – companies that they’re financially affiliated with. 

Others specialise in certain investment classes, which leads them to overemphasise those classes in strategic allocations. 

At MiQ, we’re committed to minimising those biases as much as possible. 

We have a broad approved product list (APL) and more than 15 lenders on our lending panel, ensuring you have genuine options. 

We have access to a range of internal and external specialists, eliminating the risk of one-dimensional advice. 

And we’re transparent about who compensates us and how – just ask one of our advisers or read our financial services guide.   

A financially secure tomorrow starts today.