About Us

More than 15,000 businesses and individuals trust us to give them the right advice – advice that’s grounded in expertise and guided by collaboration. 

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Better Clarity Means Better Security

Almost every human wants financial security. 

Not financial stability.  Security. 

Enduring wealth that allows them to realise their ideal future, without worrying about emergencies, changing circumstances, or spiralling debt. 

But that requires comprehension and control –knowing what steps need to be taken, and having the ability to take those steps. 

Many people are missing one or both. 

The most common reasons: 

Complex legislation, conflicting information that confuses instead of clarifies, and advice that prioritises incentives for the giver over outcomes for the recipient.   

That’s why we founded MiQ. 

As our clients’ trusted adviser, we deliver holistic advice under a collaborative framework – and always put their futures first. 

About Us | MiQ Private Wealth
About Us | MiQ Private Wealth

Becoming Australia’s Most Trusted Advisory

What happens when you find a financial adviser you can genuinely trust? 

Someone you can rely on to guide your finances towards your long-term goals? 

Who can put the advice from professionals like solicitors, accountants, and buyer’s advocates into a broader financial context? 

Who isn’t incentivised to recommend one asset class or product provider? 

For most of our clients, the immediate result is clarity: a deepened understanding of what they want and how they can get there. 

And then, over time, as those goals are realised, there’s financial security – the knowledge that, when tomorrow arrives, they’ll be able to make the choices they want. 


Grounded in Expertise. Guided by Collaboration.

Your MiQ advisor sits at the centre of your finances: helping you make informed decisions, liaising with other professionals like accountants and lawyers, and supporting your long-term financial objectives. 


The MiQ Way



Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
“sustainable economic growth” 


Sustainability is about more than just fighting the climate crisis. 

It’s about our actions, our processes, and our people – how sustainable will our decisions be today, tomorrow, and in the future?  



Happening or developing gradually or in stages. 
“a progressive increase in engagement” 


Our decisions and actions are built on forward momentum. 

We continuously improve, seeking new opportunities with open eyes and open minds. 

Instead of ‘Why should we?’, we ask ‘What if?’ 




Required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.
“CEOs are accountable to boards” 


Accountability permeates the MiQ ecosystem. 

We are accountable to our clients, to ourselves, and to each other – accountable for the outcomes we promise, for the decisions we make, and for how we embody the MiQ Way. 



Produced by or involving two or more parties working together.
“collaborative working groups” 


Collaboration is about fluidity – removing barriers that impede the flow of knowledge. 

We blend deep expertise with a broad-based approach, eliminating silos, poor communication, and competing incentives. 

Because collaboration isn’t just a word – it’s an integral part of finding the best ideas, no matter where they come from. 



Truly what something is said to be; authentic. 
“genuine concern for their client” 


We say what we mean, we do what we say, and we bring our full selves to every situation. 

We know that diversity of experience leads to richer, more effective advice, so we’ll never compromise our authenticity or our integrity. 

Become an MiQ adviser

Our people have the same touchstones as we do: a commitment to deep expertise, and an open, collaborative mindset that enables exceptional client results.


Combating the Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is the single largest challenge that Australia faces, and every corporate citizen has a moral imperative to act. 

For us, that action is simple: reduce our carbon footprint and empower other sustainable organisations. 

Since then, we’ve digitised as many operations as possible, leading to better efficiency, fewer emissions, and stronger security. 

We’ve also promoted a culture of sustainability through training programs and employee-informed initiatives. 

And, most importantly, we’ve built sustainability into our approved product list. 

That means we discuss ESG investing with all applicable clients – and, while our advice is always individually tailored, we can and do build ESG-only portfolios, which help fund environmentally and socially conscious companies.       

About Us | MiQ Private Wealth
About Us | MiQ Private Wealth

Empowering Local Communities

A long-term commitment to climate stability matters – but so does changing the lives of Australians today. 

That’s why we’re the proud partner of charities like LifeFlight and Hope Horizons to deliver services in kind to the people who need them most.  

It’s why we’ve donated to more than 40 charities since 2020 through our Matching Gifts program. 

And it’s why we’ve supported organisations ranging from awards bodies like the Doyles Art Award to charity events like The Bloody Long Walk. 

Because living the MiQ Way is about more than just creating wealth for our clients. 

We’re empowering local communities to help their most vulnerable members – and that’s the best kind of collaboration.

A financially secure tomorrow starts today.