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Get answers to common questions about our services, how we’re compensated, and what sort of advice we provide. 


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Your MiQ adviser sits at the centre of your finances: helping you make informed decisions, liaising with other professionals like accountants and lawyers, and supporting your long-term financial objectives. 

Your Questions, Answered


No. MiQ is an Australian-based wealth management firm, but we work with clients from around the world. Our Asian Business Unit, in particular, specialises in collaborating with clients from China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  

Our advisers are also fluent in eight languages: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese and, Filipino

Your first appointment with MiQ is free. We offer a 30-minute, obligation-free consultation so you can evaluate whether we’re the right partners for your wealth management objectives.   

All appointments, including your initial consultation, can be held online or in person at one of our seven Australian offices. 

When you schedule your free consultation, we’ll send you a link to our online client portal (which is certified to international security standards like SOC 2 and ISO 27001). Upon signing in, you’ll receive a request to upload certain information. Completing that request before your free consultation will help us spend that time as productively as possible. 

If you can’t complete the request, please bring the following documentation to your consultation: 

  • investment statements for the last two years 
  • superannuation statements for the last two years 
  • your most recent loan and credit card statements (if applicable) 
  • your last tax return 
  • your two most recent pay slips (if applicable) 
  • photo ID, such as your driver’s licence 
  • any insurance information 
  • any other information you think could help us understand your full financial situation. 

Your free initial consultation is an opportunity for us to assess your needs and for you to evaluate whether we’re the right fit. Following your consultation, we’ll send you a written quote so you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to proceed and which services you want us to provide. 

The cost of financial advice – and the cost structure – varies based on your individual situation. For example, many advisers will charge a fixed, one-off fee for preparing your statement of advice (SoA), but will charge an additional one-off fee to implement that advice. Ongoing investment management, on the other hand, is often charged as a percentage of the total value of assets under management. 

You can find information about how an adviser receives compensation in their financial services guide (FSG). At MiQ, our compensation options range from hourly rates (typically suitable for one-off pieces of advice) to annual service packages. If we can’t provide more value than the cost of the advice, we’ll inform you as soon as possible. 

Lending consultations with our mortgage, finance and commercial brokers are complimentary and obligation-free. Generally, we receive compensation from loans that we broker, which is typically a commission-based payment paid by the lender after settlement. In some instances, we may charge a loan application fee or other fees; however, these will always be clearly detailed in writing before you engage our services. 

Many appointments can be conducted remotely (online or via phone), but we do love face-to-face meetings and have offices at multiple locations that we invite you to attend. We may also be able to visit your home or workplace (depending on where you live), although additional travel fees may apply. 

Most of our offices have free on-site parking. We can reserve your spot or confirm parking details when your appointment is booked.

No, we don’t offer accounting, legal, or real estate advice. MiQ Private Wealth is licensed to provide financial planning advice and broker insurance products, and MiQ Finance is licensed to broker certain loan products. 

As an advisory with a collaborative advice framework, though, we don’t provide those services in isolation. Instead, we sit at the centre of your finances, providing strategic guidance that helps you make informed decisions and achieve your long-term objectives.  

Part of that process involves working closely with other professionals like lawyers and accountants – we help you understand how their advice fits into your broader financial picture, ensure that all implementation activities are aligned with your goals, and, as needed, liaise with them on your behalf.    

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