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Realise a choice-rich future by creating, enhancing and protecting your wealth.  

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Grounded in expertise. Guided by collaboration.

Wealth creates choice – the choice to live your life the way you want. 

By combining a collaborative advice model with a holistic view of your finances, we help you build the tomorrow you want. 

That’s why our team includes accredited specialists across fields like succession planning, insurance, SMSFs, aged care, and foreign investment. 

It’s why our advisers are fluent in over eight different languages. 

And it’s why we take an asset-agnostic approach to investment – while still maintaining access to exclusive products like hybrid IPOs. 


Unlock a choice-rich future with holistic wealth management strategies. Our collaborative approach emphasises transparency and accountability.

Transition into post-work life with a practical retirement strategy that prioritises cash flow and lifestyle planning.

Successful retirement starts with good superannuation. We’ll help you develop a strategy and manage more complex options like SMSFs.

Finding the right aged care home is never easy. With specialist research and funding advice, you can give your loved ones the quality of care that they deserve.

When it comes to your most important assets, finding the right insurance is critical. We’ll work with you to protect everything from your home to your income.

Build wealth through diversified investment portfolios. Our broad-based APL and unique approach to risk helps us deliver strong, consistent returns over the long term.

Client Testimonial

MiQ are professional and caring in every aspect. We have been with them from the beginning. How fortunate have we been? They have opened up a whole new world for us, where our passion and our dreams have not only been embraced but most importantly, achieved.

Thank you to the entire team for the patience and the ability to bring strength and fantastic advice in the planning of not only our future but the future of our younger generations in our family.” 

Kathy Harm

Client since 2016

Our Financial Planning Solutions

What We Do

Wealth Management​

Holistic wealth management doesn’t just focus on one aspect of your financial journey. Instead, our advisers take a top-down approach. 

We find out what your objectives are, what your time horizons are, and what your current situation looks like. 

Then we work with you to do two things: 

  1. align your financial trajectory with those objectives 
  2. help you realise them faster.

Because the best wealth management isn’t about radical lifestyle changes. 

It’s about focus: incremental changes made consistently over time, oriented towards your ideal future – whatever that looks like. 

Retirement Planning

The average Australian retires at 55 and lives to 83. 

But that final third of our lives is almost always viewed as an afterthought – never as an opportunity. 

We believe that, with the right financial planning, post-work living can be just as rewarding as any other time in your life. 

The keys: a tailored superannuation strategy and pragmatic lifestyle planning. 

But, even though cash flow is critical, retirement shouldn’t be about drastic expense-cutting. 

It should be about enablement – being able to live your ideal lifestyle in a sustainable way. 


Superannuation is a key part of your retirement strategy. 

And one of the most effective super vehicles is the self-managed super fund – the SMSF. 

If you’re exploring whether an SMSF is right for you, book a consultation with one of our advisers. 

While SMSFs do offer better control, flexibility, and tax efficiency than managed funds, they do come with financial and compliance burdens, so it’s important that you fully understand what’s involved before you make a decision. 

Aged Care

Evaluating aged care homes is never easy – and financing the transition to supported living can be even harder. 

Our accredited aged care specialists will work with you to explore care and funding options for your loved ones. 

Those options often include cash flow optimisation, asset divestiture, and benefits maximisation. 

Every family is different, but one thing always stays the same: 

The need for independent, empathetic aged care advice.

Asset Protection

Your most valuable assets – your home, your business, your estate – represent years of hard work. 

That’s why it’s important to protect them in the right way. 

As part of your asset protection strategy, we’ll work with you to mitigate vulnerabilities through mechanisms like estate planning and cash flow management. 

We’ll also help you evaluate insurance products – the final line of defence if something does go wrong. 


Our investment approach is grounded in three key principles: 

  1. Mediate risk through diversification of asset classes. 
  2. Use a benchmark-unaware strategy to actively identify opportunities (risk-adjusted through a margin of safety).
  3. Where necessary, use risk control strategies to minimise downside.

Those principles mean we stay focused on your long-term objectives, rather than becoming distracted by short-term market trends. 

To help our clients access the best opportunities, we also coordinate closely with various investment banks and research institutions, such as Morningstar. 

Meet Rebecca Miller

Financial Adviser

“Passion drives us to go beyond just managing wealth; it’s about building trust and sitting side by side with our clients. At MiQ, we offer access to the finest investment solutions, embodying an enterprising spirit and working collaboratively to secure the best outcomes for those we serve. Our success is measured by the growth of your wealth and the assurance that your interests are always our top priority.”

Helping you create a choice-rich future.

The first step to a better tomorrow starts with the changes you make today. Please complete the form and we’ll contact you within one business day. 

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