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Insure your business against the loss of key personnel like executives, partners, or technical experts.

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What Makes Us Leading Insurance Advisers?

Too many financial advisers recommend insurance policies solely based on the commissions they receive – not what’s best for your business.

But MiQ is different.

Our approach is holistic: a detailed analysis of your succession plan to see what level of cover is required.

We’re paid by commission – but our diverse APL means there’s no incentive for us to recommend a particular insurer.

And we have access to a network of both internal and external specialists, such as accountants and solicitors, who can support your strategic objectives.

Protecting your business’s continuity starts right here, with us.

Client Testimonial
“I have known and worked with Luke Jarzynski for well over 25 years now, in the capacity of Financial Adviser and friend. He has advised me on my personal finances and my Superannuation goals, in an effort to obtain the best outcome for my inevitable retirement.

Luke has never let me down. He is honest and knows the intricacies of Financial Planning and its related laws and restrictions. I have very high regards for Luke, and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Luke in any area of financial, insurance and retirement planning.” 
Damian Crompton
Our Key Person Insurance Solutions

What We Do

Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance for Australian Businesses

Businesses are built on their people, and the unexpected loss of key personnel can have serious financial consequences. 

Key person insurance (KPI) safeguards your organisation against that risk. 

Under a KPI policy, you can insure critical stakeholders like senior executives or guarantors against death or serious health conditions through term life, TPD and/or trauma insurance. 

If a covered event does occur, your business will receive a lump-sum benefit that you can use to cover new operating expenses, revenue decreases, or lost capital. 

Talk to an MiQ adviser to make sure your business’s key person risk is mediated through the right cover. 

Key Person Insurance

Protection Against Revenue and Capital Losses

Key person insurance can have three designated purposes: 

  • for revenue (such as lost income or increased costs) 
  • for capital (such as debt protection or loss of goodwill) 
  • for a combination of revenue and capital. 

Because your policy’s purpose heavily affects both how benefits can be used and the tax treatment of benefits and premiums, getting specialist advice is critical. 

That’s why your MiQ adviser doesn’t work in isolation. 

Instead, we’ll coordinate with other relevant professionals, such as commercial solicitors and tax specialists, to ensure your KPI is implemented in a way that supports your long-term business goals. 

Key Person Insurance

Classes of Key People

Key person insurance can help protect your business if one or more of these people die or become unable to work due to injury or illness. 

Founders and Partners

Business Loan Guarantors

Senior Executives

High-Performing Sales Staff

Senior Technical Specialist

Child Trauma Insurance Advice

If your child experiences a serious injury or illness, child cover helps pay for things like medical treatment, professional care, and time off work.

Our APL includes products from more than seven leading insurers.
Your Key Person Insurance Questions, Answered


Key person insurance protects your business against the financial consequences of key personnel – such as partners, founders, or experienced technicians – dying or being unable to work due to injury or illness. It normally includes term life insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, and/or trauma insurance. Unlike personal insurances, key person cover is paid for by, and paid out to, your business. 

Key person insurance can be used to protect against losses to revenue, capital, or both. Revenue-purposed insurance helps offset operating expenses and losses to revenue, such as lost clients or the costs of finding a replacement for the key person in question. Capital-purposed cover, on the other hand, can pay for impacts to liabilities (such as personally guaranteed loans), decreases in goodwill or business valuations, and payments to the deceased person’s estate.  

Yes, some key person insurance premiums are tax-deductible. If you have insurance with a revenue purpose, the premiums will generally be deductible. On the other hand, if you have insurance with a capital purpose, the premiums generally won’t be deductible.  

If your business receives a benefit with a capital purpose, it generally won’t be subject to income tax. By contrast, benefits from policies with revenue purposes are classed as assessable income and are consequently subject to income tax.   

A benefit from key person insurance with a capital purpose isn’t subject to income tax, but it could trigger a capital gains tax (CGT) event. Capital-purposed insurance and related ownership structures, such as business insurance trusts, need to be set up in the right way to avoid paying unnecessary tax.  

Because CGT legislation is so complex, it’s important to get advice from multiple experts, such as your financial adviser, commercial solicitor, and tax specialist. That’s where MiQ can help. Our collaborative advice framework helps you navigate each different input, ensuring that every piece of advice aligns with your long-term business goals.    

Always remember to thoroughly review the PDS of any policy that you’re thinking about purchasing. Your financial advisor can help you understand exactly what’s covered and can recommend policies from their product list that match your family’s needs and risk level. 

Some child cover policies offer a carer benefit as an optional add-on. A carer benefit provides regular payments if you or your partner have to stop work to look after one of your children. Exactly how much you’ll get from a carer benefit, how often it gets paid out, and how long you’ll receive it vary from policy to policy, so make sure you check with your financial advisor before opting in.  

Protect your business’s growth trajectory.

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