Wealth Protection

When life happens, having the right insurances in place can help protect your financial security.

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Grounded in expertise. Guided by collaboration.

Building wealth is an uphill battle against financial gravity: taxes, depreciation, costs and inflation.

But, even with a wealth creation strategy, a financially secure future isn’t guaranteed.

Life can be unexpected, which is why having the right protections in place matters.

Our specialists analyse your risk profile and develop a wealth protection strategy that matches your budget and financial objectives – whatever those might be.


Income support for when you’re sick or injured.

A lump sum payout for your estate’s beneficiaries.

Total and permanent disability cover via a lump sum payment. 

A lump sum or monthly payments if you experience serious injury or illness.

A lump sum payment if your child experiences serious injury or illness.

Protection for key business personnel with life, TPD, and trauma insurances.

A lump sum payout that makes business succession planning simple. 

Client Testimonial

MiQ are professional and caring in every aspect. We have been with them from the beginning. How fortunate have we been? They have opened up a whole new world for us, where our passion and our dreams have not only been embraced but most importantly, achieved.

Thank you to the entire team for the patience and the ability to bring strength and fantastic advice in the planning of not only our future but the future of our younger generations in our family.” 

Kathy Harm

Client since 2016

Our Wealth Protection Solutions

What We Do

Income Protection Insurance

Cover time off work due to injury or illness.


A dependent family. 

A mortgage or other debts. 

If being unable to work would impact your financial security, income protection insurance could be critical. 

Talk to our wealth protection specialists to explore cover options that match your income.  

Term Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones’ futures.

No-one expects to be involved in a fatal accident or diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

But, if you do pass unexpectedly, term life insurance can help protect your family’s future. 

A lump sum payout means they can pay off existing debts – or use that income to keep key assets like your house or business. 

Find out how our wealth protection specialists can help.   

TPD Insurance

Safeguard your future with disability cover.

You can’t predict tomorrow, but you can plan for it.

Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance gives you access to a lump sum payout if you’re permanently unable to work in the industry you trained in due to illness or injury.

Offset upfront accessibility costs.

Invest your payout to provide ongoing revenue.

Pay off debts like your mortgage.

TPD insurance gives you the freedom to create the future you want – even when life takes an unexpected turn.

Trauma Insurance

Get payments for serious injuries or illnesses.

Trauma doesn’t just impact your physical and mental health. 

It can also be financially crippling – a surfeit of unexpected medical costs, compounded by time off work. 

Trauma insurance can help offset that financial burden, giving you the money you need to pay for things like treatment, transport, and living costs. 

Talk to our wealth protection specialists to learn more about how trauma insurance can help safeguard your future. 

Child Cover

Get your child the support they need.

Your child is your most important asset – but they probably have less financial protection than your car.

And, if they experience a serious injury or illness, the last thing you should have to think about is:

‘How can we afford to pay for this?’

With options ranging from intensive care advancements to included carer benefits, our specialists can help you find cover that matches your family’s needs.

Key Person Insurance

Make sure your business is fully protected.

Every business has key employees – senior leadership, sales staff, or technical specialists it can’t operate without.

What if one of those key people becomes sick or injured or passes away?

Key person insurance can be structured to offset impacts on capital or revenue, giving your business the time it needs to find alternative solutions.

Buy–Sell Insurance

Streamline your business’s continuity plan.

Own a business with partners?

What happens if you or a partner passes away or becomes unable to work?

A buy–sell agreement enables a business owner’s interests in a business to be sold to their partners if a trigger event (like death or TPD) occurs.

It’s a safer, faster process than trying to negotiate with beneficiaries or attorneys – your partners can keep running the business the way they want, and you or your estate receive the proceeds of your interest.

Buy–sell insurance acts as a funding mechanism for a buy–sell agreement, allowing your business partners to acquire your interest without borrowing or using personal savings.

Explore foreign investment pathways.

With fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese, our Asian Business Team can help you navigate the Treasury application process for property purchases. 

Our wealth protection specialists are accredited with over 7+ leading insurers.

Meet Rebecca Miller

Financial Adviser

“Passion drives us to go beyond just managing wealth; it’s about building trust and sitting side by side with our clients. At MiQ, we offer access to the finest investment solutions, embodying an enterprising spirit and working collaboratively to secure the best outcomes for those we serve. Our success is measured by the growth of your wealth and the assurance that your interests are always our top priority.”

Peace of mind for the future.

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