Meet Clare

Clare Sullivan 

Partner and Financial Adviser

Practice Partner and Financial Adviser Clare Sullivan joined MiQ in 2019. Her financial advice for clients began in 2004 and has been her focus for the past 19 years.

Clare’s responsibilities include providing financial strategies, investments, and solutions to assist her clients to achieve their financial goals, all while assisting them in getting familiar with the process and the solutions. Each interaction is personalised and created specifically for each client. 

Her clients are like family to her, and she does her best to explain things clearly and to educate where required so that they understand and feel comfortable during consultations. 

A previous winner of the CEO Award for Excellence in Customer Service (when previously advising for a large banking institution), Clare firmly believes in the ethos that “If you cannot find peace and happiness within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else”.  

Her weekends at home include spending time at home in the garden, cooking and time with her significant other and pets.  Her other passions include fossicking for gemstones and opals with a metal detector, caravanning and collecting (and listening to) vinyl records. 

  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Services
  • Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner
Client Testimonial

MiQ are professional and caring in every aspect. We have been with them from the beginning. How fortunate have we been? They have opened up a whole new world for us, where our passion and our dreams have not only been embraced but most importantly, achieved.

Thank you to the entire team for the patience and the ability to bring strength and fantastic advice in the planning of not only our future but the future of our younger generations in our family.” 

Kathy Harm

Client since 2016

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Plan for your ideal post-work lifestyle – and explore pathways to early retirement.

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