Revolutionising Wealth Management: MiQ Partners with Morningstar for iQ Ploutos Managed Accounts

As we excitedly advised in the last newsletter, after extensive researching of the top portfolio managers in Australia, the MiQ Investment Committee appointed Morningstar as our partner for the iQ Ploutos Managed Accounts. 

iQ Ploutos provides our clients with access to investment portfolios that reflect the MiQ Investment Philosophy, with asset allocation and underlying fund selection undertaken by Morningstar. 

Morningstar apply an evidence-based approach to investing, with access to some of the best research in the business and an incredible depth of team. Morningstar was selected in our pursuit of implementing a system dependent approach to investing. This means we, and you, are not just reliant on the brilliance of individuals but have robust processes backed by the best systems and teams available.

To hear from Morningstar directly, please click on the link for a 2-minute video. For those who just read the Cyber-Security article, yes, this link is safe!


With the first quarter of Morningstar management concluded, we can proudly reflect on the success of the complex and involved process of the transition. iQ Ploutos is now a more robust and risk considered vehicle for our clients, with an enhanced management team and systems backing it.  We have successfully lowered the fees in most portfolios and anticipate further fee reductions as the portfolio continues to evolve. 

We thank the many parties involved including Morningstar, our Responsible Entity Ironbark, our platform providers HUB24 and Panorama, the MiQ Investment Committee, and of course you, our clients.