Unveiling Client Survey Results: A Glimpse into Client Satisfaction

The survey results were interesting and in some instances quite revealing. You proposed some terrific ideas that we have already started to action, which really demonstrates the value of periodic surveys.

It was gratifying to see, albeit leaving us some room for improvement, the response to the question, ‘How satisfied or dissatisfied are you as a client of MiQ?’.

A tremendous 94.26% of respondents stated they were either ‘Very Satisfied’ (84.97%) or ‘Somewhat Satisfied’ (9.29%).

Client Survey Results

Another particularly important question for us was, ‘How satisfied are you with your Adviser’s help in progressing you towards your financial goals?

Client Survey Results

Again it left us some room for improvement, but 92.4% provided a positive response, with 73.7% ‘Very Satisfied’ and 20.49% ‘Satisfied’.

One that is going to be hard to improve on was the question, ‘Do you feel your Adviser understands your financial needs and goals? 98.9% of clients confirmed yes to this one

This was supported by the Net Promoter Score, which was determined based on your responses to the question, ‘How likely is it that you would recommend MiQ to a friend or colleague?

The creators of the NPS tool advise that a score above 0 is considered good, above 20 is favourable, and above 50 is excellent, so the rating of 65 was very much appreciated.

Client Survey Results NPS

A number of clients did comment that they were very open to referring colleagues and family, but were uncertain as to what sort of clients to refer or what process to follow. Given this, in our next update we will provide some guidance to help.  

An interesting finding was that not all clients are aware of or partaking in some of the services we offer beyond investment management and retirement planning. Of particular note was debt and cashflow management which includes our mortgage broking (residential and commercial), budgeting, salary sacrifice, and investment property advisory services.

If you would like to know more about these or other services we offer, please connect with your adviser, or contact the lending team directly at finance@miqprivate.com.au.