How to Prepare for Your First Financial Planning Appointment

So, you’ve decided it’s finally time to take control of your financial future. Congratulations! While financial planning may sound as exciting as watching paint dry, it’s a crucial step towards securing a brighter tomorrow.Financial planning may also seem a little scary, but with a few simple preparation steps, and with us doing the heavy lifting, we promise it won’t be anywhere near as hard or as scary as you may be thinking.

Consider Your Financial Goals: Dream Big, But Realistic

In the meeting, we will help you work through and refine your goals, but it helps if you have done some dreaming in advance.Picture this: sipping cocktails on a private island, surrounded by dolphins, flying a convertible helicopter…well okay, maybe not the helicopter. Dreaming big is essential, but it’s also important to consider what is truly important to you, and how hard are you willing to go to achieve it. Some people want to be rich. Others just don’t want to poor. What floats your boat?

Gather Financial Documents

You know those financial documents that have been residing in the junk draw or buried in your inbox? It’s time to play hide and seek, dig them up and dust them off. Grab anything you think might be relevant including bank and credit card statements; loan, super and investment statements; insurance documents; payslips…as this is the information your financial planner will need to provide advice tailored to you.It’s even better if you can load the information, or upload the documents, into a secure online client portal. Doing this in advance helps you and us better prepare, but if you don’t know how (or can’t be bothered) doing this, no stress. Just bring the documents along when we meet, and we will take care of it for you.

Prepare a List of Questions: Ask Away

Got questions? Fire away! Prepare a list of all those burning financial inquiries you’ve been keeping in your mental “question vault.” It’s okay to ask anything, from “How do I save more effectively?” to “Is it possible to retire on a beach with endless mojitos?”

Be Open and Honest: Leave the Poker Face at Home

When you meet your financial planner, put aside the poker face and embrace transparency. Sharing your financial struggles and aspirations will help your planner create a tailored strategy for you.That’s it. It’s not as serious as a board meeting or as scary as base jumping. We are here to help, not to judge. So, gather your statements, be yourself, share your financial story, and get excited as you are about to take control of your financial future.We also have a dedicated in-house finance team to assist with your residential, commercial or equipment lending needs. Just let your MiQ adviser know, or contact the finance team directly at