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Save on unnecessary interest payments by switching to a more suitable home loan.

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What Makes Us Leading Mortgage Brokers?

Finding a broker you can genuinely trust isn’t easy.

But MiQ is different.

We approach your loan holistically, assessing its impact on your current situation and your long-term financial goals.

We’re paid by commission – and our diverse lending panel means there’s no incentive for us to recommend a particular lender.

And we have access to a network of both internal and external specialists, such as buyer’s advocates, financial advisors, and solicitors, who can support your property purchase journey.

Your next step towards financial security starts right here, with us.

Client Testimonial

I’m not one to leave reviews but my recent interaction with Kylie has been so pleasant and seamless, I could not, not share the experience. She has been prompt and transparent with me through the whole process, which has made it a lot less stressful, and I could not thank her enough for it. 

Viv Dinh 

Our Home Loan Solutions

What We Do


Lower Repayments and Consolidate Debt

Your home loan isn’t designed to stay the same forever.

As you accrue equity in your property and increase your income, you might become eligible for mortgages with lower interest rates.

Switching to a new mortgage can help you save on unnecessary interest payments, lock in low interest rates with a fixed rate, or access better loan features.

You can even consolidate other debts, such as car or personal loans, into your mortgage, which may make them easier to manage.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our specialist credit team to find out how we can help.


Leverage Usable Equity

Refinancing can help you save on repayments – but it’s also a way to unlock usable equity in your property.

Equity is the difference between your property’s current market value and your remaining mortgage amount.

You can borrow against it to invest in additional properties, or refinance and borrow more for expenses like renovations or new vehicles.

Leveraged in the right way, equity can be a powerful way to improve your financial position – and take another step towards your ideal future.

Find out how our broking team can help.

SMSF Refinancing

SMSF Home Loan Refinancing

Most traditional banks stopped offering SMSF home loans after the royal commission into banking in 2017.

If you’d already taken out a mortgage, you had nowhere to go to refinance – which meant you were trapped as interest rates climbed upwards of 9%.

Still paying too much?

Our brokers can help you switch to a more affordable SMSF loan with non-bank lenders.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to find out how much you could save.

Explore foreign investment pathways.

With fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese, our foreign investment specialists can help you navigate the Treasury application process for property purchases. 

Our specialist credit representatives are accredited with over 25 major banks and lenders.
Your Refinancing Questions, Answered


Refinancing isn’t always worth it. Even if you can get a slightly lower rate from a different lender, discharge and switching fees might make a change less than ideal.

It’s always worth talking to your mortgage broker before making any decisions. They can model exactly how refinancing a loan will impact you, and help you understand whether it’s worth your time to do so.  

Yes, refinancing can hurt your credit score. Because you’re taking out a new loan (which will normally be accompanied by a hard credit check), you’ll probably experience a small, temporary dip in your credit score.

Keep in mind that the benefits of appropriate refinancing will significantly outweigh any short-lived effects on your credit.

Generally, if you’re thinking about refinancing, you should talk to your mortgage broker first. A lender will always be interested in helping you switch from a competitor to them. A good broker, by comparison, will help you look at whether refinancing makes sense for you, and then help you find the best possible loan available from their lending panel.

Most people refinance to get lower mortgage repayments. Even though lower interest rates can mean you pay less, there are other considerations. For example, a lower interest rate with a shorter loan term could mean you actually pay more.

Let’s say you took out a $600,000 loan at 6.69% over 30 years, paying $3,868 in repayments per month. If you switched to a 6.24% loan with a 25-year term, your repayments would increase to $3,955 per month. 

So, even if you do find a loan with a lower interest rate somewhere, it’s always a good idea to have your broker model its financial impact before you make a decision. 

Build your portfolio with the right investment loan.

The first step to a better tomorrow starts with the changes you make today. Please complete the form and we’ll contact you within one business day. 

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