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Taking your next step should be simple – and, with the right personal loan, it can be.

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What Makes Us Leading Mortgage Brokers?

Finding a broker you can genuinely trust isn’t easy.

But MiQ is different.

We approach your loan holistically, assessing its impact on your current situation and your long-term financial objectives.

We’re paid by commission – and our diverse lending panel means there’s no incentive for us to recommend a particular lender.

And we have access to a network of both internal and external specialists, such as accountants and solicitors, who can support your financial journey.

Building the life you want starts right here, with us.

Client Testimonial

I’m not one to leave reviews but my recent interaction with Kylie has been so pleasant and seamless, I could not, not share the experience. She has been prompt and transparent with me through the whole process, which has made it a lot less stressful, and I could not thank her enough for it. 

Viv Dinh 

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Personal Loans

Your Next Step, Faster

Building financial security takes time – and, sometimes, waiting doesn’t make sense.

A new car for work.

The wedding your child’s always wanted.

That dental procedure you’ve been putting off.

When there’s a gap between your current income and your next step in life, a personal loan can help bridge it.

And an MiQ lending specialist can help you find the right personal loan – one that supports your long-term financial objectives instead of compromising them.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to find out more about how we can help.

Personal Loans

Personal Loans for Vehicles

It’s not always possible to pay for a new vehicle upfront – and, sometimes, dealer financing comes with extra fees and costs.

That’s when a personal loan can be the better option.

Find out how our lending specialists can help you find the right loan for everything from Jeeps to jet skis.

Personal Loans

Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation

Living with multiple loans and credit card debts?

You can use a personal loan to consolidate your existing debts.

Debt consolidation means you only have one repayment to make – and, if you’re paying off high-interest credit cards, a personal loan may have substantially lower interest rates.

Taking the next step towards financial security shouldn’t be complicated.

Find out how our lending specialists can help.

Explore foreign investment pathways.

With fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese, our foreign investment specialists can help you navigate the Treasury application process for property purchases. 

Our specialist credit representatives are accredited with over 25 major banks and lenders.
Your Personal Loan Questions, Answered


Taking out a personal loan means that the lender will transfer a lump sum into your bank account. You’ll then have to pay that lump sum back, with interest, over the term of the loan.

When a personal loan is ‘secured’, you’ll have to provide the lender with security – an asset of some sort, like your car or home, that the lender can legally take and sell if you default on your loan. When a loan is ‘unsecured’, you don’t have to provide the lender with security. Because unsecured loans are riskier for the lender than secured loans, they generally have higher interest rates.

Interest rates vary between lenders and market conditions, but, generally, you can expect to pay somewhere between 6% and 25%. The exact amount you’ll end up paying depends on the type of loan (variable versus fixed), whether it’s secured or unsecured, the loan term, and the type of features the loan has.

It’s generally worth talking to a holistic mortgage broker before taking out a personal loan. They can help you model the loan’s impact on your finances, assess whether that impact aligns with your long-term goals, and compare different lenders in the market. Quick-access online loans, on the other hand, might seem convenient, but can have substantially higher interest rates, hidden fees, and overall negative financial consequences.

Depending on your circumstances and financial history, you may be able to borrow up to $75,000 with an unsecured personal loan. If you use an asset you own (such as your home) as security, you may be able to borrow up to $100,000.

A personal loan can be used to pay for things like:

  • weddings (your own or your child’s)
  • university degrees or diplomas
  • private school tuition
  • medical and cosmetic procedures (including braces or orthodontics)
  • holidays
  • household appliances
  • cars and other vehicles
  • debt consolidation.
Generally, you shouldn’t use a personal loan to improve your home or investment property. A construction loan is designed to fund new builds and renovations, and will likely come with lower rates and useful features like progressive drawdowns.You can’t use a personal loan to pay for:
  • business-related expenses
  • investments
  • lenders mortgage insurance (LMI)
  • property deposits.

Build your portfolio with the right investment loan.

The first step to a better tomorrow starts with the changes you make today. Please complete the form and we’ll contact you within one business day. 

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