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Liam Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Liam Brown is the CEO of MiQ Private Wealth, equipped with expertise in corporate governance, leadership, operational optimisation, and organisational transformation. With a career spanning multiple industries and marked by a pursuit of excellence, Liam has a reputation for building resilient, adaptive, and high-performing teams.

With a belief in the power of leadership to strengthen organisational culture, Liam champions the creation of workplaces where every individual find’s purpose and fulfillment. Drawing from his extensive experience in leadership roles and informed by his academic background, he excels in cultivating environments that foster innovation, collaboration, and continuous growth.

Throughout his career, Liam has demonstrated a commitment to improving service delivery, achieving operational efficiencies, and enhancing financial performance. His ability to navigate complex challenges, from corporate governance to strategic planning, underscores his belief that sustainable success hinges on nurturing a culture of empowerment and accountability.

At MiQ Private Wealth, Liam’s mission is to unlock the collective potential of the team, fostering a shared sense of purpose and achievement. By establishing clear strategic direction, promoting a positive culture, and demonstrating a commitment to excellence, he seeks to cultivate a high-performance work environment that positions the organisation for success.

  • Master of Business Administration with a Leadership Specialisation | University of Southern Queensland  
  • Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors 
  • Bachelor of Science with a Major in Psychology | University of Southern Queensland 
Liam Brown
Client Testimonial

MiQ are professional and caring in every aspect. We have been with them from the beginning. How fortunate have we been? They have opened up a whole new world for us, where our passion and our dreams have not only been embraced but most importantly, achieved.

Thank you to the entire team for the patience and the ability to bring strength and fantastic advice in the planning of not only our future but the future of our younger generations in our family.” 

Kathy Harm

Client since 2016

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